belong and belonging

these photos are the ins and outs of a major part of my childhood with a heavy emphasis on my grandfather and his position in life. one word can never sum up a human being but best to my knowledge, id say this about him and im sure he would agree. fisherman.
not much has changed back home and as the title of the blog states, "time means nothing" i went home to honor my recently passed grandfather at his memorial service on memorial day weekend. it was a whirlwind of a trip, never sleeping in the same house two nites in a row, i saved every bit of battery juice in the camera for orland. i saw family members and friends of i hadnt seen in two decades. time doesnt go by too fast, we all just get to damn busy. shelf the bullshit and press on. forward motion, always.


dave herr said...

thanks grandpa.

GoneWithTheSunset said...

Amazing, Lee. Absolutely AMAZING photos. And I feel the same way.

I still can't believe these photos....

Just keep staring at them.