left and leaving.

i just flew into oaklands airport for the first time this past monday. 60 years earlier, im sure it looked a hell of a lot different. my grandfather was comin home from his stint in the korean war, drivin trucks for the army. little bit of traveler in all of us i suppose. headed to l.a. for a few days then back home for his service next week.

you dont even get to keep your ticket stub these days...

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ExpressContentWriter said...

I love these kinds of things too! I was told about your blog by one of my friends. I too have neurological problems and haven't skated in forever. For me, it was easier since I had to start sitting out when I was 12. I just adapted to the camera and kept watching my friends compete. Here I am 20 years later and I'm thankful that I manage to get to the skatepark every now and again like old times. Hang in there! I feel like you know where I am coming from so I mean that sincerely. There is life after skateboarding in skateboarding even if we have to use a chair to do it!