for pretty ricky

cop bike story. by lee aaron bender.

cop go zoom. car go zoom zoom.
cop think "me world, do what like" zoom
car with lil kid in back seat go zoom by the beach.
cop no pay attention, go crash into car going zoom.

of course in my eyes with out seeing what happened, its the cops fault. have they ever helped anyone...with anything? the cop tried kicking the car out of the spot? maybe the cop thought the car stole someones parking spot? at first we thought the car was lying on its side, taking a nap and the cop fell out of the sky and landed on the car, knocking it back on to all fours, rendered useless to all humanity for eternity.

truth of the matter is, i dont know. but yeah, it was the cops fault. he was zooming and spinning. as i snapped the photo, the lady that was driving the car, asked the air "why is everyone taking photos?" and someone in the crowd of 4 people shouted, "cause i think its funny!" and i shouted back "and i do too" then i got back in my monster trucks and got stuck in more north ebach traffic on a sunday afternoon.... the end.

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