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Miles Frasier Masonry and Goodtimes are getting together this get together. Horseshoe tournament and ride in motorcycle show! Let's just say this is instead of the GV Roll-In. There will also be a ragin' after party and campout somewhere near the event.

August 13, 2011.

Pioneer Park Horseshoe Pits and back parking lot.
Nevada City, CA.

Here's the deal:

Horseshoe Tournament:
$20 entry fee per horseshoe team/ $10 if your team rode motorcycles to the event. The entry fees go towards cash prizes for top placing teams. The Pioneer Park horseshoe pits are real deal clay pits and word has it that there are some serious horseshoe flingers entering this event so bring your A game. Also, IF YOU HAVE HORSESHOES PLEASE BRING THEM! We may not have enough.

Motorcycle Show:
If you have a motorcycle, RIDE IT! This is not for money, fame, or a trophy, it's just for fun.

After Party and Camp Out:
We have a few destinations in mind for the goodtimes following the tournament and bike show. Most likely we will end up at Suzie's in Rough and Ready. No pigs in the ground this year, sorry.

We got a blog-o-rama with info over at flyinirons.blogspot.com

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