ride camp swim

well, its monday... last weekend ruled. had to work a bit on saturday but pretty ricky and i peeled out of oakland about 5pm for the redwoods. 90 miles an hour gets you 90 miles in an hour. campsites were full. hunter/gather. sandy, the campsite host works HERE as well as the campsite. totally insane. met up with a bunch of other indiana kids. melted the soles off our shoes tellin stories and talkin shit around the fire, crashed, woke up a few hours later to a bunch of crows that had taken our seats around the fire and were squakin louder than hell.. shot a beer can off ricks head, played frisbee but really just tried hitting each other with it, shot at dandelions, somehow rick hit the stem from 50 feet away or so. ended up at the swimmin hole. great, i forgot my shorts and towel... nothing like swimmin in jeans and sittin on a sandy beach afterwards. slept the entire ride home. cheers indiana. good times.

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