cactus/parchman farm

nights with alice cooper.

maybe 5 years ago, i was driving thru a pretty gnarly desert monsoon storm. i was headed home from the grocery store with a few items for jane to make dinner. she always made dinner. i had the windows up since it was raining and i was listening to the radio show, nights with alice cooper. between songs, i remember, he said some cheesy description about this song. something along the lines of, make sure youre sitting down, no one knows about this band/song and to turn it up. he also mentioned to stay tuned for the band and song title after he played it... not being skeptical, but having heard that plenty of times, i didnt take to it from the second it came out of his mouth...but all it took was the first 1/2 a second of the song to start. anyhow, i know its not the original version, but its by far the best version ive heard.

with windows up in the Red, my old car... that insulated sound from the rain... i turned it up full blast about 5 seconds in and couldnt wait for the rest of the info... do yourself a favor and blow your speakers with this one.... this ones from alice... have a good weekend, we're going swimmin up north.

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grant said...

Not sure, but i think Blue Cheer did it first or maybe it is an old standard and Blue Cheer covered it first, great version none the less