some days are easier than others.

the last few years i was skating, i was rollin around with cody boat, mikey williams, wez lundry, punker matt, brad westcott, hoss rogers, and a few others. i was fortunate enough to get in to skating pools with these guys and i honestly miss that type of skating more than any other... every swimmin hole is a different shape and the hunt was just as much fun as the chase... i miss the slams, the hang ups, bailing year old sludge from the bottom, inhaling the cancer dust while rolling, the sound of the coping once you get over the light a few time, pouring soda all over baby slips on 10th st in down town phoenix in order to even be able to stand up in it, walking into a session with neil blender doing fs grinds and seeing the dust come off his back truck, and simply being in the van with the julien and the rest of the team, showing them around phoenix. skateboardings not a sport. you do it because you love it, by yourself, for yourself. youre just lucky when youve got some friends who want to do the same shit as you... heres to you guys out there that actually jump fences and clean up any round walls just to get a grind in here and there, not just wear the part.

100% skateboarder, always and forever.

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