best thing ive seen in a while...

wallride nollie out, so good... thanks jay boy

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hellsheros said...

lee, this is steve i met you up in GV at gus' horseshoe party with mikey and the guys from sacramento. i work for a large water company that is looking to give some money for charities that involve their employees family and friends. when i heard of this i thought of you and the treatment you are trying to receive. so i asked about it and there are a few hoops to jump through, but it couldn't hurt to ask. do you qualify as a 5013c charity? i guess this is a tax code? or is there a charity for MS that is, that could help your effort? let me know if this sort of thing could work for you in anyway. you can email me at HELLSHEROSSKATECREW@HOTMAIL.COM
there are a few other options with our company if this won't help, but this option sounds like the most bang for the buck. hope all is well -steve