remember when i said i used to build skateparks... spent a little time getting a band together with the help of wrex cook
old man stans old dirt tracking shoe, phoenix arizona. 1960s sponsored bsa rider from los angeles. now he lives on the side of the freeway buried behind some storage units in a shack with the roof held on by old tires..
mike, kickin it. grass valley roll-in 2010
red. this car drove me back and forth across the country countless times, i drove it in the ocean in long beach washington, it was somewhat a communal car when i moved to arizona the first time. broken into 13 times, hence the smashed out window, stolen once, backed into, see door panel, and smashed out radiator via an 8 foot long 4x4 piece of lumber going 80 miles an hour on the freeway... we'd been pulled over in Ajo arizona by border patrol, made it from indianapolis to austin texas mid winter with no heat or radio, and on and on and on...too many memories from too many mile. i put on 147,000 miles in this thing in 4 years and id do it again if i could.

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