rememory... traveling along, the snaking cerebral cortex... never forever

i dont know where to start. just put in a lot of miles this week, all solo, visiting accounts. hutch was outta range and well, the other half, well, theres been some communication breakdown. what to do while driving 200 miles a day, getting tired from working 12 hour days only to get to your hotel room and not be tired until 2 in the morning.. think, remmeber, rewind, and repeat... repeat... repeat. run on sentences...

to start with finishing last. now is finally past and we're on to the next small thing, detail oriented, left limitless and brash as ever. the words, contextual, never came out.... well, to pleasant. a life worth giving a damn about only to step on coat tails and washing the muck off in my own mouth. "holy, he holy"

short walks for some, long for others. id follow the neon light home if my legs could make it. moon rise, moon set and theres some planet following suit off and over that ol' ocean. i dont get it and the wonder keeps it interesting. knowing would ruin it all. i hate the term, but fabulous disaster. like some rock a billy bullshit band. shes down south east of here in the south west. im left, limping around trying to find all the pieces first before one can reassemble. one cast stone turned tidal waves... come crashing down on the beach the beach the beach.

smile. this ones for you, theyre all for you and i dont know the next step. choking at every intersection. reeling, breathing, like a tv turned on that gritty and granular snow, my attention has been brought to. face forward, pay it forward, motions....forever forward.

ill see you 'round.

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