2/18/12. a seriously serious sorta saturday.

1.shot kellys bike
2.rick came over
3.gave a drunk security guard 10 dollars so i could shoot rick jumping over shit. kelly felt it too
4.ended up on an island
5.rick jumped more shit, he jumped over air even
6.clayton left the island
7.kelly left the island
8. rick and i rolled slowly thru the cuts of west oakland. thuggish ruggish never seemed so scared
9.found clayton at darrens
10.shot more photos of more bikes
11.looked for parking in berkeley for too long
12.drove home
13.kick started my chopper buell street bike
14.parked on the sidewalk at saturn after passing jupiter
15.seriously recapped the day
16.80 wheelies on the way home
17.went to go see the mentors play
18.more seriously serious saturday shit
20.missed half the mentors set
21.ended up at another cool bar
22.tried really hard at impressing everyone
23.day done, waited for dawn while half dead

had a ruling day with these three. watch the clip below....



rickless life said...


WhitelinePsycho said...

Man, that red headed Rick really rocks the jumping caper . . best jumping style ever . . . only been there once but, fuck, I love S.F and the entire area . . . keep up this having fun, jumpin, ridin, drinkin shebang . . . makes me . . well . . . jumpy.

dave herr said...

miss you dudes