the piper at the gates of dawn

new bike? first 20 miles were spent on desert foot paths... with this dude, lookin all serious for some reason...




cycle shop.

back in phoenix

...and back to the desert

jerimiah and tom up front. 42 others behind. jerimiah has an amazing thing going for him and the chopper world scene down south. thanks for a killer weekend my friend!

jerimiah/tom fugle


bad coil...50 miles at full throttle on one cylinder = 60 miles an hour.

az had its ups and down for me this trip. the love show was amazing, skydiving was insane, new bke is bitchin... flight home was intense... good night from oakland califas. you are missed.


Dan said...

rad...pics..wishin i were on the ride down with you guys

antihero1972 said...

it was great meeting you Lee even if it was brief. That sure was a fun time..

LoveCycles said...

I love you lee... thxs so much the pics are amazing a beautiful memory