good god damn, its the gories.

i used to live in this old garage in downtown phoenix. i was skating a ton and living in cody boat and mikey williams backyard. the usual sessions those days were wez lundry, cody, mikey, hoss, jimmy moore was still coming around and randy colvin would make his way down from prescott every so often. the sessions always ended with one of buying the others a beer or two.. got a tall can for a crailslide over the box... etc... after we got back to the house, so many nights were started with the dirtbombs or the gories on the jambox. we lived next to gangster park at 13th st and palm, we were all skating a ton of pools all over town, the housing market was thru the roof, i had just bought my first bike, mikey still had his hot rod, wez was gettin ready to move to indo for a year, cody just found an old dog and was plannin a move up to portland. so few short years ago yet so long with so many miles between us all... fuck im so glad i dropped out of college...

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