wallride contest. sfca. 3/1/12

shit went down today and it was ruling! came down to oudalay and adrian... to preface the day... and thanks for buzzard for comin out!
two ramps, both 6 ft long and 2 ft tall. cut at a 40 degree angle... mellow up, harsher back in. the wall chosen was at wallenberg high school where the og big 4 is that gonz ollied in video days. the wall, wooden at best, was splintered, riddled with holes, soft, spongey and in no way should have been used for a wallride contest in the first lace. 4ft turned into 5 and 6. 6 was the longest wallride to fakie, adrian mallory handled that as well as the frontside wallride at 8 ft i think... 8 tunred into 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 feet... the two left standing were oudalay and adrian, both with weathered legs from the push push bash. with weary legs, 13.5 ft wasnt lookin like it was gonn ahappen anytime soon... so gordon passed the hat, we collected another 50 bucks for whomever to take at 14 ft... a few minutes later and both guys shot the moon and rolled away clean. a tie was considered a tie and everyone went home .... to the bar, happy.

cheers to gordon and sandy at cruz for a ripping day, oudalay, adrian and dave fallis for charging it! and my buell for gettin me home at a speed way too fast. good times, great oldies... im never playing dice again... ill just hand you the money instead... the best...

sorry i dont have better than iphone photos... a true artist relys on stupidty to think, i should charge my camera battery for the wallride contest tomorrow... me idiot.

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