yes, its true. weekend warrior...

cause i have a job... weekends, not over and its been pretty rad already. 200 miles on the bike today, salinas and back. saw some cartoon characters, got to know some new friends a bit better, saw some cool shit.. and shot a ton of photos. its pretty rad when you find those that like to do the same shit as you... cover some distance, see some new stuff and cover more distance... its like adding milk or water to cereal... just works right...

clay/cassandra (spigot) sorry for my neurotic snaps on the throttle between 70-90 mph splitting lanes... the music keeps me on planet 9... im still figuring out how to pay attention... good times superglide summer!

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^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

Awesome photos! Classic! ヅ

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Thanks! ヅ