avail/tim barry

face it, hes made his own mark and doesnt need the avail tag following him around anymore, but god damn.. i just cant seem to separate the two based on the music i was raised with.

i got a call from pretty, he says tims playin the parkside... or thee parkside for all you locals actin the fool. pretty said i can get on some sort of list if im interested. he knew better, he knew i was interested. just tell me the time and im there.

in early for a few drinks. too many tall tall glasses of ginger ale thru the kevin seconds set and here it goes.

songs about frieght trains and being broke kinda fuel a fire in me. matched with some folk guitar and a whiskey dirty voice and i yoiu can count me in. except for that lucero dude. such an act he is.

afterwards another drinkin hole as they were closing up. b-biked back to oakland across a cold claimin bridge for a little warmth and warming.

every night i get to sleep at home i do. with all the nights in hotel rooms, being surrounded in a little familiarity aint so bad.


WhitelinePsycho said...

One of those bands I know had a big cult following, [Eastern States somewhere?] but we just never really had access to them out here, bummer.

Dirtbag said...

Tim Barry speaks/sings powerful words son