2000th entry. 8/11/12

the other weekend, a few of us rolled up to yosemite. i mighta lost my mind for a while and im sure more than one person wanted to murder me. we went back the next weekend and i hoped to have made up for it.... anyhow, heres some photos and as always, i should have taken more. weird place in my own world. screaming at the top of my lungs. each half of my brain was playing tug of war with the other.

cassandras grandfathers patch from the 1900s...shes grown up in the chopper world and has more than proof...

ricks ready for nothing. ever been wrapped up in a tortilla and attacked by a bear? how you gonna find your mace and who you gonna spray? its worth a try and definitely worth a good laugh... you should see him run from bees... i cant wait to see him see his first bear. rick i love you.

chief wakeupahoe. fogged and sand pitted lens. rad.

half dome, half nuts.

yurp, we crossed the line, any more backing up was quite the dip into the valley.
left to right. lee noah rick cassandra.

earlier tonight a friend at a party made mention of how a few of our instagram posts were incredible and more or less made him jealous... not trying to do any of the sort... we just dont sit on teh couch waiting for the next tv show to come on. its out there, you just gotta want it bad enough...


GoneWithTheSunset said...

Lee, your photos don't make me jealous, but they do give me crazy inspiration to do the same. Thank you, and I hope to see you next year when I make my trip to California.

topher said...

looks amazing. Glad you guys are out and about! Wish I could be there.