blues brothers.

what do they say? "practically yesterday"? the older you get, both, time goes faster and the world gets smaller. these days, sf to chicago doesnt seem as far away as it did as a spry eyed eight year old, looking feverishly over skate mags of the day...

these photos are from a ride/camp trip i put together three years ago while trying my best to live back home in indiana. steve jerimiah and jay all came down from chicago on back roads of a north western indiana and surfed the corn fields. past monticello, thru hebron, and around iriquois county, they found a way to make it happen. hutch helped with the roads to and fro, camped at the kendall ditch and had a damn good time. a lots changed since these photos in the last three years. lots of miles, lots of bikes and a lot of bickering back and forth with miah via text. miss you guys heaps. hope to cross paths sometime soon.

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