we dont sit and watch tv.

i really dont know the last place i was. were talkin weekend wise. two weeks ago either. three, better ask my better half cause theres no way im able to keep up. with as much adventure, as many gas stops, and miles put behind me, i really let it all go. in the memory banks yes, but with in this fog, it all is blending together.

some summer suns comin in thru the window, shades pulled, tied in knots on either side of the glass. even, with the back door open, i can hear the wind rushing thru the trees. sat down to work on work stuff. you know that 8 hour a day, monday thru friday gig most of us have. and here i am, stirring my brain to push/pull memories around to conjure up some elaborate story. why not the one thats in front of me, why not the one that i need to reflect on most.

at the start of summer, there was a buzz about our group, a certain feelin you get similar to being let go from school towards the end of may every year. some have came and gone and few have stuck with, but ive been lucky enough to have been on em all. weekend after weekend, mile after mile, its been nothing but gold and as i sit down now, to rest my legs, back and feet, i can feel the summer pullin on me. the ever pressing weight surrounded with traffic, heat, 500 miles in two days, all of it, being in the complete middle of nowhere one hour and in the middle of san franciscos mission district another. waxing, waining.

theres some form, some sort of deep nerve that gets me outta here every weekend and just when im about to have a weekend off the bike to maybe stay in bed an hour longer or in my bed at all, im lookin for the closest map and thinking back to last years solo trip to oregon on ca/nv hwy 395 or an up coming trip to mammoth with frank and moose.

it feels good to leave, it always has, but honestly, part of me is looking forward to it feeling good to stay in every once in a while. until then, we will press on. saturday is sacramento again, skydiving in the morning and back to the city to see brad and an art show hes in that jai is putting on. the weekend after was going to be flyin irons in grass valley, but that got cancelled, so... maybe we will board up the windows and sleep a little longer.

cassandras pullin up, shes got some homework to do. maybe ill cook us some fish tonight. life is pretty damn good.


GoneWithTheSunset said...

Those last three sentences made me smile. Live on, Lee.

Brandon said...

Good writing. It elicits jelously. Good U. Phillips as well. Fools Progress is knocking me on my ass. Read it if you can find it. Bet you can in that hippy loving city of yours. Used book store? No, not the one with the ladies with short hair behind the counter. The one with bearded old man with thick reading glasses behind the counter. Smells like mold. You know the one.