driver driven.

buena vista pool. this is the first pool i ever skated.  i rode out there in the jump seat of jason strubbings old pick up truck with him and his brother justin after work one day.  i had no idea what i was doing when i got there.  matt ballard said i couldnt leave until i grinded it, so i did.  a photo from the session ended up being used for a skateworks/ben davis ad in the old mag creature lee and davoud used to run called concussion.   this is now the last pool i skated and will most likely keep it that way, forever.  full circle, 100%  
i drive a lot for work.  i finished up in pismo beach at about 930am this friday morning with nothing to do but end up in l.a. by tomorrow around 2pm.  looking at my schedule, i decided to drive off into the remaining sunrise.  easterward towards the oilfields that surround bakersfield california.  the sun was bright and the clouds contrasty.  i climbed a bluff atop a run away truck stop for a quick view, brake check, and piss stop.  two rusty barb wire fences crossed, one old rusty nail found.  the 1900s.

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