after reincarnation, then what.  everythings beginnings, so feeble and another new unknown.  these two parts go together, but how.  i wrote of a subconscious tonight.  the state of flight before touchdown.  you know, when you slam so hard, you bounce once or twice.  the head.  a new piece of the puzzle.  stricken with disease that pushes one to forget words, spelling, time... rosa is killing it, he said.  sharon the alliance is here, updating the world thru silent taps on a far away keyboard.  those fucks on npr said "grabbing at straws".  id like to see their lives dangling from a thread, a single slip away from losing it, losing it all together.  a mad dash to cut their knotted and tarnished rope.  set sail.  see where they then stand, proud? or just hunched. 

the road opens tomorrow.  another trip to another country.  another city.  another taxi.  ive got my ed abbey book, untouched and on top of my bag.  packed light, is there any other way.  puts that statement to read.  packed.  period.  it doesnt matter where youre going or for how long.  if you cant fit what youre taking into one backpack, youre on some other planet, waiting in baggage claim, still. forever still.  

lifes going.  like the dinosaur, like it or not.  ive never seen so much as in these last handful of years.  i owe so much to so many.  motivationally, inspirationally, phoenitically. the phone call and a crash.  left and leaving.  gordo, hello? 

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Your stuff has always been a great, contemplative read . . . wherever you're headed, suck the bones dry.