107 photos frm 2012.

lunar eclipse.  huntington beach. ca.

casey and mike from sacramento with cheryl watchin. jedidiah smith redwood state park.  crescent city. ca.

Nimal.  thats your fucking name!

two of sacramentos finest. ryan rawles and casey ohhh casey!! redwoods

cass doing it herself. oakland ca.

shrewgy, rob williamson, and chard/sleep/chance/pretty ricky.  whatever you wanna call himredwood city

cass, casey, ryan, steve, buddy.  redwood mania.

this dude, bear mace and a machette, good luck from yosemite ca.

cass and noah.  brekky in yosemite

pretty, noah, cassandra, and myself. attention all tourist, get the fuck out of our way!


christian came to visit from az! ruler.

theres more to life than motorbikes and skateboards.  old small town post offices. good luck finding this on a map. colorado, saying good bye to an old friend. rip jerimiah brooks.

yellow dot in the center.  stuck with no more rope.  jump.  yosemite trip number 2. 

buddys place. sacramento ca.

johnny martin. oakland ca. placing his fathers ashes in two pan heads.

clayton storms. broadway tunnel at 100 miles an hour, everytime. sf ca.

sacramento ca.

we went for a quick ride up to the oregon border. 

kelly clark. hunters point ca.

thanksgiving. oakland ca. all my clothes still had the tags on em.

pretty, breakdancing. treasure island.

brian ball gordon eckler.  baltimores finest.  cruz skateshop wallride contest. wallenberg. sf ca

rick and i. first moto camp trip of the year. april. westport beach ca.

where the sidewalk ends. 

post perkos.  hey, i saw a place that has kindling along the side of the road.

totally fucked.

rick and i.  leggett ca.

elephant seal beach.  san simeon ca

two ways of doin it. this way... and this way. 

cow mountain. ca. 4 bikes went down. photos below.

we left his bike like this for 45 minutes while we got lunch.

corey duffel on his 103" dyna.  it fucking screams

cassandra jean wages. lake mendocino. ca.

cass down. cow mountain ca.

celiesse down.  cow mountain ca. i wish i could say i took this photo.

posse up. lake mendocina ca

dan gnarloch and micah. minnesotians in california. lake mendocino ca.

dyna dyna dyna. oakland ca.

dead milkmen. sf ca.

jason jessee's bike. salinas. ca.


clay and justin.  dirt track races. salinas ca.

rob williamson. contemplating his first 90mph ride on his old suzy 750.

cassandra. emerald bay ca.

rob ruling. lake del valle. ca.  the entire lake was about 3 feet deep. 

mogwai with rob. sf ca.

cheryl and clay south of livermore ca.

crewed up. pretty ricky alley. sf ca. two wheels, dont matter. good fucking people.


cassandra. bohemian hwy. occidental ca.

esteban infante! and russ pope. long beach ca.

brekky in ukiah.  rick liked it. 

danny on the other hand liked brekky.

rick finally switched all his shit to california...

apparently he had been here before too.

10 hours later, jedidiah smith redwoods state park.  300 dollar a night camp site. 30 deep.

mikey dyas. ruler. good times all the time.

dos rios ca.

the eel river on a camp mat with robert williamson.

ben, pod, me, freddy, and rick. real talk.

i got this... then i got a new rear tire. cloverdale, ca.

105 shotwell. sf ca

16 deep, headed to la. took 16 hours. best of times.

this got new legs and new bars.

cass and jerimiah. oak canyon, ca.

burt and holly put us up for a night! felton ca.

reconnected.  oak canyon ca.

san gregorio ca. this is why i moved back to california.

pier perched. santa cruz ca.

 sacramento. ca. headed to beldentown

pre belden run

sacramento bike shop

turlock ca.

tobin ca.

rob. port costa ca

crew.  port costa ca.

celiesse, cass, and rob.

so, i accidentally cut this bees head off while tryin to save it... his spine was still attached.. and he was still moving.

rob... always a good time.

i saw duane peters drop acid. i never have to see anything happen in skateboarding ever again. san jose, ca

pancho, junkyard dog.

bravetown. chicago illi. 

bravetown. fauser, hutch, fresno tom. chicago ill

bravetown. brothers snodgrass, jay owens, hutch, jerimiah smith and nick haits. chicago illi

bravetown lineup. hutch should have moved his car, i know.

bravetown. chicago illinois

bravetown jub, dave herr, me, hutch, fauser. this hopefully will happen again sooner than this one took. its been ten years? is fauser that old yet?

bravetown. jerry and company.

bravetown. adelaide and gina. chicago ill

the second i landed fromchicago, rob texted me to ride up into the oakland hills for sunset.

destro, you idiot. carson city nevada

sunset outside of kyburz ca. hwy50.

i got a shovelhead.  48 frame 66 motor.

more sunset from kyburz. ca.

clayton shooting a photo of his bike up on the hill. attention all tourists... move!

jersey drew. newark new jersey.  the miles ive done with this guy... all on our own dime, always.

cindy dulongs dads dog. say that ten times real fast. buckeye az.

the best mural in all of sf.

pretty ricky, flogging/golfing

sold a bike to buy a bike. dyna for dyna.

got a t-sport, first 40 miles looked like this.  i love rick so much.

and a little of this. 

got this dude on my buell... fast.

superstition mountains. az.  pulled over for touching cars, splitting lanes and clay running on one cyclinder at a blistering 45 mph. jake, rick, cop, and kelly.

wez lundry.  tempe az. this dudes gold.

welp, found a place to jump...rodeo cove ca. 

dave fuckin herr got to visit.  dave, clay, and rick.  dave, come back!

"rick, get in there"  "okay!"

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