Saturday March 2nd 2013. 33rd St and MLK. Oakland, Ca.

 i only have whats been told to me.  some pieces to puzzle back together.

1.  i was going to go shoot photos at a friends shop.
2.  being on MLK doesnt support the above claim, unless i was headed somewhere else first.  so no idea what so ever where i was going.
3.  i only remember waking up sunday at highland hospital.

list of issues.

zero weight bearing on all four limbs. wheel chair bound for 2-3 months.

left knee, torn acl, stretched all other ligaments.  those ligaments pulled pieces of bone off of the bone when stretched. considered a sort of fracture.

right knee.  broken shin bone right at joint. doc said looks like someone pulled the cap off and put it right back on. surgery optional. no cast given, just braces.

left arm.  elbow smashed, see below x-ray.  must have skidded on elbow because skin was worn down to the bone. immediate surgery.  no cast just guaze and tape over roguhly 10-12 stitches.   wrist sprained, hurts wose than anything else. no brace or wrist guard given

right wrist. broken in a few places. surgery performed and fixed has two piece splint. assuming stitches under splint from said surgery.  see surgery photos below.

gouge/gorge in head. required 16 staples and 12 stitches.  one sq in. piece of skin said to possibly die and produce no hair and bad scaring.

one broken rib. cased in muscle and meat, no way to fix.

one partially collapsed lung.  air seen on lung in imagery.  fixed with inhale tool given.

road rash, right hand, top of hand. one hole required 3 stitches, misc on left ankle area.

bruises everywhere as you can see below.


alive and dont remember much at all.

16 staples, 12 stitches

tell em i need parts for my bike

took 3 stitches between pointer and middle finger knuckles

down, not out

open break, surgery stat!

was round and 21"s

400 bucks for two days storage. 

digger darren came thru a few times, thanks bud

forehead blanket

frames bent.  top motor mount

two thumbs up for the secret red blue tooth the doctors hid on me.

supposed to me smooth and round.

new and improved

i forget who, but someone brought me flowers, i love you too.

bruises everywhere

no definition to my right knee. broken bone

i feel my pain. twisted fingers.

some color

ada specific wheelchair ramp at the house, thanks gordon, much love!

most the staples out. they forgot one or two in my head under scabs

holdin it together

broken wrist, surgery done at some point while in hospital

pudgy digits

surgery photos!

this wonderful woman, cassandra wages

left elbom


more color

bandages slidin down on stitched elbow

broken knee, bruises

road rash and pain pills, stool softner, blood thinner and something else


33rd and MLK Oskland Ca. Saturday March 2nd. 2013

more bruising



surgery on broke ass wrist

physical therapy on smashed elbow

lock me up and get me outta here!

home, 2 surgeries, 5 broken bones, 1 torn ligaments, one partially collapsed lung, 16 staples, 15 stitches and 6 days later

right knee broken, left knee torn acl and fractured bone

21" dali

colored tattoo. portrait of the father

more color

bike never went down, just stayed upright

first doc visit after discharged outta hospital.  ambulance tour.  building in back left is where i get my monthly M.S. infusions. 

interesting view of the bay bridge. ambulance ride home after doctors

keeps comin. colors

same wrist surgery

way outta place, from the first night i think.  hair, peace!

things home and started first go... 

again outta place, flat top.

worn down to the bone

hole in my head.


OldStuffsFuckinMental said...

Holy shit!
Nice to see you're still here after that big one...got overlooked by a cager?
Don't know you personally, but every rider down is a shitty thing...so hope your condition's improving.

The pics of your head and helmet tell me getting a Simpson Bandit isn't the worst idea I had.
Good your getting better, man.

tiptopdadddy said...

Holy Hell Lee, glad you made it dude...WOW.

Amanda Arnold said...

Oh Lee, I am glad you're alive. You have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful woman and a helluva group of friends. Rest up.

ND said...

Fuuk man... so insane! I wish you a speedy recovery and hope youre back blasting wheelies on the buell soon.

-BaRoN- said...

Gnarly. Get better soon !

WhitelinePsycho said...

Lee, you are, despite your shocking injuries, one lucky dude, I wish you a steady and complete recovery. If there is any bloke out there who knows how to come back from being dealt a shitty hand, that bloke is you. My sincere best wishes mate, hold fast and get well.

JBMFT said...

Sucks. Get better!

LoveCycles said...

Get well soon homie mucho love