Life and times.

well, today is 6 week from the wreck... almost to the hour minute...  figure i need a quick recap to remember where i am/was at at 6 weeks out.

left elbow is healin up, sounds like a bag of gravel when i use it and still hurts to pick things up...

right wrist is bst of all the injuries.. but same as left, cant pick stuff up with out causing pain, stress...
broken middle and ring finger on right hand... seemingly still broken and hurt like hell when used for anything.

left knee is able to with stand some weight on it, doctors orders.  ive stood up a handful of times.  balance is waaay off and im totally unstable while trying to stand.  walking is not an option yet.  acl is still torn in left knee obviously.

right knee is the worst.  still hurts whenever pain meds start to wear off.  cant put weight on it till june 1st. then i can start rehabbing it.  its still broken.  tibia plateau fracture... fml

head wound/gash is healed up, scar is minimal.  skin where scar is, is numb. obviously. hair isnt growing back where the skin died.

ribs are now fine as is lung that partially collapsed

ive been staving off depression and insanity by staying as busy as i can from my wheel chair.  had a ton of support from friends and family.  its been great.  going stir crazy being stuck in the house, in the wheel chair, in bed.... for all this time. 

cassandras been the biggest help thru all of this. always with a smile and understanding.  its as if she was born to do this... for her moms side of the family, this is third generation.  the woman taking care of a busted motorbike accident victim. she is gold in desperate times.

i am pushin the limits with my physical therapy, every day when its withstood. sometimes i over do it and need to take a day off of stretching thru the scar tissue in both knees, left elbow, right wrist and both fingers. 

over all, when the pain meds are working, i feel about as good as i think i can....

lookin forward to getting back on a bike and getting away from the city, from all the shit, from the traffic and noise. 

huge thank you to any and everyone thats helped in any way possible.  food, cash, parts, and time donations... im halfway thru my over all recovery time as of today and the worst is way behind me.  looking forward to looking forward.

lee bender. oakland california. 4/13/13.  brothers birthday.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Hey buddy, slow and painful progress is better than none, you get the gong for the most damage done in a get-off over the last two years . . . the envelope arrived on Friday, totally stoked, the drawing is getting framed and hung on my bedroom, bloody magic mate, thanks so much . . . I'll get a shot up for you on my blog. Hold fast Lee, onward and upward.

julian thibeault said...

Hey Man,

I just heard about your wreck on instagram from @J_Autrey. So Sorry, our prayers are with you!

Anyways, I just got over a bad ac separation in my left shoulder and wanted to offer some knowledge of what helped me a lot. If you havent tried acupuncture, I suggest you find one in your area. Acupuncture, I know sounds dumb but it helps with a bunch of stuff including pain, and depression, no joke.

Also, If you can find one that is a chinese medicine doctor (they dont have to be chinese), they can give you herbs that will help move the blood and oxygen to specific areas to help with healing and rehab.

Im pulling fo ryou and will be throwing some support in the form of presidents your way. Get Better!

FriscoDave said...

I bought some posters from you awhile back and check in on your blog when i can. Get well soon Brother.