Tricia/Kansas City

i think deep down....   scratch that, i KNOW deep down that im more in tune with individuals who do their own thing, not living up to anyones elses "standards" or what they and their world tells them is cool.  what that boils down to for me is that "cool" factor, telling ones how to live their sheepish lives. enter in hollywood, media, social "wrongdoing" websites, or simply this sick fucking society.  and if i may, as a constant reminder, this blog, these aimless writings, my thoughts, my words, my directives and photos are for me.  they sit here anchored as just another mile marker, a wound up over worded
reminder, even possibly a destination, more mental to never forget.  so, tread lightly. 

this is Tricia, at least thats what she told me yesterday under the towering granite wall that is el capitan in central eastern california.  she floored me in the 15 minutes we crossed paths.  no one else was in sight and it was that kind of story telling you only get with like minded individuals a few times in your life.  i could almost be making this up, but the picture, these feelings... no, not this time. "im sure youve got some stories" i said.  she exclaimed, "ya gotta week?" solid gold.

i could tell you her story.  i could recite the entire damned conversation we had as its feverishly engrained in my melting head.  to not know when to peel off path and just simply hope.  to be born in this incredibly wrong damn century. 

Ive been nearly everywhere in this country and im damn proud of doing just that with my closest of friends all thru my 20s and on my own damn dime.  but as of right now, shes got me trumped, but not by much. trumped by 30 years of riding everywhere she can think of.

in thirty years, i can only hope that ill stumble, over-dressed, lost, and weathered, thru something as grand as yosemite and past another "youngin" who is as excited as i was 30 years prior. 

youll never read this Tricia, but if you do, here to you.  cheers.

"whaddya think of taking 6 thru nevada?"

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Truth, a beautiful, fleeting thing Mr Bender, thankyou.