lost a little something special today.

 this evening, at 8pm, they shut down the bay bridge for a few days until they finish the new one and get all the lanes transfered over.  the eastern span of the bridge is being torn apart and all the scrap is going to korea to be metaled down and turned into pot metal.  cass and i left the house at 7, go to my spot i stop at occasionally, soaked in a quick last view and let a few cops pass us.  got the bike going again and off to yerba buena island.  turned around and found a spot overlooking the southern side of the soon to be demolished bridge.  with only a few minutes to spare before it was shut down, we snapped a few photos and cruised back over. 

im not trying to be over emotional or prolific, but its really a shame somethings thats stood for 70+ years is being torn down for something that looks like most of the shopping centers in phoenix.  new. 

anyhow, heres to the old bay bridge... "and now the road goes on forever, the sun will always shine.  one day we'll be together, yeah, when we cross the final line.  when we cross, when we cross that line. if i turned to you and called you friend, when all is said and all is done, will you meet me on the other side. seven million miles beyond the sun."

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Fuck man, brilliant and sad, on my 36th birthday in June of '97 my ex-wife and I sat in a wonderful Italian restaurant looking across to the Bay Bridge, still being repaired after the quake if memory doesn't let me down, I said to her, 'look at how America values its heritage' . . . maybe I got it wrong. Valle.