to listen vs to hear. that old white men cant jump argument about jimi.  today, disruptively working i heard edward abbey. his voice gruff and accompanied with that silent era tape hiss was from a recording. probably digitally remaster, buffed and polished which im he would agree would be considered an atrocity. a break down of the immediate for others poorly tuned ears. he spoke to an interviewer and me of photography and its importance in some modern life dating back twenty years ago. he spoke of greed and everything surrounding human existence on this earth. uncomfortably conflicted with where i am at and what i am doing, i hit repeat and then repeated that actiononce over. some thoughts sunk lower and deeper than others, some were in one ear and out the other but none the less, a thought.  provoked and to worry thru wonder.  tiny text bubbles about every feeling delt. that fucking dog across the street thats been barking since the dawning of time. my desktop and how its gone to space without me. word travels fast, like wildfire with in this drought we are experiencing just the beginning of. timers tuned, the audio peaked and my ears were burning. how conclusive of you, how naturally clever.

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