an artic tern, a past, and a future

raptured and decided. set, stoned and i caught your fever.  all of those stars are still out there. 
blind sided. i never walked so much in my life between such seemingly sturdy buildings.  still built atop a quarry. the 1960s and one last collapse. fingered and figured, a snapshot would do. manipulative after every corner rounded. cut loose and i thought i was lost. finding rhythm and a coarser cadence, who knew?  "maybe shes just out for love." treading water, bricked with no balance. paint it black, the shoreline vanished and this idea of nothing man made in sight always felt this golden. beating feverishly, something was left behind. wildly on my way because everything meant nothing and the tracks you lost are lying and left in some past. she said "im not angry, is there anything you want to tell me?" and ill leave you for now with that. 

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Marvelling at the mystery, get published dude. Or not.