tale of …too...

bittersweet and rough edged. saw toothed and butter palate. the drinks went down smooth as the night slid on. new friend, sazerac. everything imaginable so impossible. always the same. glints of paradise to padric. he too knows, the night turned a.m. and still no sign of the sun. cashed out, tuckered and tripped over tossed pillows. the waves sounded good last nite and whats the point if one can't share.

morning broke, pre-dawn and left, north. not the hand but the boiling bulge of a state twice the length. who knows whats next, for anyone. found some way thru the fog, long shadows pushed western grace. short lived and subtle communique. mother always said, "timing is everything" a lost walk turned feeding frenzy. a lost drive turned uphill and still before. trouble ahead, "id dive"

mogwai on loud

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