...reads anymore.

thirteen as ever with and along to nirvana. psychotic revelry, nostalgic and one blank stare. life force. that "moon over the wild sea" bit hard and threshing. "something in the way" lost at sea apparently and all over the board. i work, i ride and i sleep. playing tangled mesmerized with letters and three times now. i think i said fugazi, i wait. there were missed situations and i caught those lookers. the followers are following us. etched a stretch and always was lookin up. code deciphered and found the elevators.  another planet and im going to have to ask you too leave. once, twice and back on terra firma tumultua. soft and concerned, leaned and the roll south was lost between all red lights silence. knew and known. 

bumps along the way and life heavy set thru hungry brown. pump sunk, steel and led but lit. wonder and amazement as upturned. "the results are always perfect, but thats old news, an injured bird"1. colibri detras de la luna and off past the setting.

i spoke with freddy in his drive way, six steps and felt.

eleven over two

1. k. cobain

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