cut my esophagus…somehow

confiscated, taken pull. moon destructed, fevered full. the she insightful in her glow. recommence to the ebb and flow. music that jumps and making animals of the trees. following footsteps and tripping. eucalyptus and poured. stumbled across and divine.

11pm and i should have gotten my meds today. globus syndrome. sharp potatoes.trying to get stoned off of old weed cookies and it aint happenin. throats nearly swollen shut and I've got two hours of sleep under my belt. looking at a long monday i suppose… i suppose ill get a lot done… i suppose ill make the most of it sans sleep… spitting in a cup to keep from unnecessary swallowing. listening to paco de lucia and my space heater, watching the moon change. been swollen in penmanship all night.

...and real felt great.


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