hey whats cool? nothings cool.

danny, eyes wide shut.

curtis, karma, tommy, and gonz...


session from alans cover... "here, wear this..."

anti hero eagle over the north west

all that fresh dirt is where mother nature went dirt boarding and land slid across the 101 and into the drink below... insane

hi man!

been comin here for years.... never gets old...so unreal.

end of days

stopped to get some gas somewhere along the way and this guy rolled up on my truck as i was eating my sangwitch. he had some stories of diy spots in the hills surrounding where we were sittin and talkin. cool cool guy for sure. we traded some goods and i came out on top for damn sure. thanks for the shirts rolo... email or call me sometime after youve got your website up... good to meet you as well... skateboarders for skateboarders.

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