two wheelers

woke up to a text today from clayton. "lets roll." yes and yes. found michael, called kelly, who rathered sleeping in and crewed up. no bullshit (well maybe a little) we hit the city for breakfast at a spot michael knew that was fairly reminiscent of every breakfast spot back in indiana. two eggs and a waffle, fuck off rick. bill paid and back out the door, shrewgy passed us on lombard but there was no catching up to him. quick discussion of where to go and marin headlands was the destination. out lombard, on the shoulder, riding in closed lanes and splitting traffic, we made the bridge pretty quickly. first exit after the "vista view" and towards the hill. "road closed ahead" lots of orange and white stripes, cones, and gravel. surely im going down while going up hill... made it as far as we could before the road closed. neither michael or clayton (both who grew up around here) had never been to this city over look with the bridge in the foreground. ive played tourist for years i suppose. michael bailed and clayton wanted to keep going, so fuck it, lets find the back way to the top of the hill... done and done. got to the highest over look of the city from the headlands and there wasnt anyone else up there besides two or three germans tourists. theyre always german tourists it seems like. down that 18% grade hill we found a few months prior along the ocean and down into the depths of world war two barracks and gun turrets. some squirrely road and a mile long one way tunnel back to the highway and it was time to cross the golden gate bridge once again. back in the city, my tank started to rattle like it was going to come off but none of the bolts are loose nor are any of the tabs holding it on... thru the weekender city traffic jams and into the heart of it all, we got to claytons shop and posted up for a minute to talk about the headlines and why everythings as one sided as it is. all in all, good weather, good breakfast, good crew, good roads...


stop one

stop two

view 3

road 4

stop 5

stoppy bobby. sometimes when you try to jump down into a hill, the light at the bottom is red...

claytons bike

moishes bike...831 457 8206 for all you safeway shoppers

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putting your jeans in the freezer actually works!