happy new years and all that... spent the day rolling around on the sporty thats been hibernating the last 4 months. i received two carbs, one from buddy jermey jones in slc ut and another from another old friend pat bleill in mentor ohio. between the two carbs i got and the one that i have on the bike, i think i pieced together a working one. thanks heaps you two... more than you can imagine... pretty ricky came over this morning and we went to 4 breakfast spots, all closed because of that desirable holiday called new years. we ended up at the staple food joint, Saturn. theyre liberal and therefore, there boss makes em work on holidays... liberal and greedy. thats besides the point... took us 2 hours to find an open food spot, see... pretty rickys vegan and that doesnt make eating at restaurants too easy... but hes pretty ricky.. so fine. lunch turned into a cruise around the oakland hills ending up at a driving range which you see here in these photos.. after rick did his thing, we took off and my bike sputtered out on top of one of the hills... quick u-turn, bike off and in neutral, we coasted a few miles down through the hills ending up somewhere near the berkeley vert ramp. keyed the bike on, hit the button and voila, back in action... headed to an ice cream spot for the last part of our date. on the way to get gas, some smart driver pulled out in front of us pretty bad, crossed over the center, left, right and into the parking lane... pinching me out a bit, skiddy stopped before we made contact, pulled it and headed home... heres my offerings of the day...

i hope to make things better and have this new year be the most progressive one ever..

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