camp pretty ricky case study: #02

the second annual camp pretty ricky ruled... topped last year minus rick jumping half way across a state road. none the less, and just as damn fine of a time, this year went off with lots and lots of hitches.. lotta up hill gravel roads. steep like sf city street steep. throw in a million switch backs, rain errosion, 500 foot cliffs lining most of the road with no guard rail, about 1-1.5 lanes wide at most... going up was easy, getting to the top was unbelievable, coming down was gnarly to say the least.

8 bikes made it up (during day light) 1 turned around half way in... 3 of 7 bikes went down in the steep decent of mount pretty ricky. one of which was a 700 pound dyna (not mine) due to an on coming vehicle coming around a corner. shit got heavy as shift levers, brake levers, mirrors, and fairings were all sacraficed to the goons, high above. we ended up breaking into little teams on the way down. cassandra and i first, celise and halsey second and im not sure anything beyond that. some photos were taken and some memories were definitely made. at the bottom, we linked up with the 5 cars full of waiting waiters.

it was like we had just came back from battle. tensions were low but adrenalin was flowin and im sure i was spewing shit a mile a minute about how fucked the last hour had been.

ended up at camp pretty ricky on lake pretty ricky 30 minutes after the last bike was ridden down. it was a spot that pretty ricky and i had scoped two weekends prior and was much better than we saw/expected. no rangers said anything as the beer wine and whiskey were passed around. the volume was on high as cherri had her jam box on 11 and candles at camp were introduced.

a picnic table in the lake served as a bar for some, others a tree with low hanging people. three thousand cameras were out at all times and there was some heavy conversations about everything from rigging sail boats to f1.4 lenses.

can i say i finished my first bottle of whiskey? well, someone elses bottle.

good times good people... year after year, it can only get better.

thanks for al of you that showed up...

josh, im sorry, we didnt know what were getting in to with that gravel road man...

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Banzai Bill said...

I really enjoy seeing these pictures and reading your stories. Excellent work.