history lesson.

michael patrick tubbs the sixth. showed up dead at tempe st lukes hospital. august 07. very much aline and "hangin out in germany" these days. youre the best tubbs.

arto saari. tucson trip with rowley and another euro friend 05? 06? trailering artos ww2 bike back to la, every spot we went to, he would unload the thing and ride it around... amazing.

oh you got a harley. "ima paint it black, all of it" under your tight pants are tighter pants. 2008

blinding with flame job seat, three head lights and enough chrome to uhh. whatever you do with that shit. 2008

jersey drews truck. many a miles in the cab of the silver eagle. arizona, california, oregon, washington, idaho, wyoming, colorado, nebraska, iowa, illinoi, indiana, new york, new jersey... 2006 maybe, 2005?

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