10 weeks, 3 days. wreckage from the past.

not for you... for my own record.

  everyday is the same.  wake up either at 2am or 11am.  squirm in pain until the norco kicks in, get outta bed, see cass off to school or work, head back inside and turn up the tunes.  seeing how i still cant do much and my muscles are gonzo...

little update for the masses.

still non weight bearing on right leg, right arm and left arm due to bones i turned into mulch and dust.

left leg. still torn acl.  ive tried walking on it, wants to bend backwards.  either lack of muscle or its fucked more than i would mind it to be.

right leg.  still broken and painful if left hanging in the air and bends the wrong way due to gravity.  to be pain free in moving it, it has to be as straight as possible. no pivoting.

right arm.  broken wrist.  being able to use it for more things.  can with stand picking up full plate of food, full glass of water.  still some pain, but not as bad.
                  broken fingers.  still broken, grip is better than nothing but definitely not worthy of trusting anything in my grasps.

left arm.  broken elbow is still broken.  hurts like hell to pull things, shirt on and off, fridge open, really grabbing anything, its painful.. the misplaced hardware they installed doesnt help.  9mm  from where it should be.  always hitting that little end bit thats sticking out on things, wall, car doors, tables, etc...

rib is healed as it would

lung is fine as far as i can tell.

head has healed up pretty nicely.

mentally, im going insane with little to nothing to do or able to do.  internet and music can only do so much.  been trying my hand at gardening which entailswrapping vines around wooden posts to try and make our backyard a cool little hang out spot.  who knows if its working.

m.s. is still the same as of now.  who knows how hard its going to be to regain my leg muscles to walk.  no other real complications as of yet... but im not allowed to put weight on 3 of 4 limbs still...  


WhitelinePsycho said...

Fuck man, sounds like a long, slow, painful, boring, shitful, road back to recovery . . . hang in there buddy, inch by inch by day by day.

OldStuffsFuckinMental said...

Can only second that, the feeling of being able to walk on your own again will be worth it!